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Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Playoff Wild Card Weekend

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Playoff Wild Card Weekend! Thats right folks, its Playoff season and what better way to lead into the Playoffs than with a recap of the previous weeks edition [...]

TAILGATE TALK: 2015 NFL ProBowl Roster Announcement

Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: 2015 ProBowl Roster Announcement! Unfortunately, its that time of the year again where the season draws to an end and we’re left with the final excitement of the Playoffs [...]

Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10! So last weeks picks weren’t too bad as I went 9-4, missing slightly on 2 upsets and two lop sided victories. So where did I go wrong? [...]

Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 9

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 9! Last week was decent as I went 9-5, missing on a couple of close games and one upset pick that was simply just a poor choice [...]

Dons Weekly Picks: Week 4

Alright folks, welcome to another addition of Dons Picks! This past week was far more successful than the two weeks prior as I went 12-4, not too shabby. Yet, we have another week with many questionable [...]

End of An Era – Ray Lewis To Retire At The End of the Season

What can be said about a man like Ray Lewis? He was a God-fearing man, a man of God, a man that put fear in the eyes of his opponent and one that was loved by [...]

NFL Week 9 Scores

What have we learned this week – If your defense is able to force 5 turnovers in a game, you’ll likely always win, ask the Chicago Bears . For the first time in long time, the [...]

Baltimore Ravens Defense depleated with Injuries

The Baltimore Ravens every year for the last 5 years, has always ranked amongst the best defensive units in the NFL; however the 2012 season may change the complex of this once immortal defense. With the [...]

It Will Be a Busy Weekend For the Jones Brothers!

It will be a busy weekend for the Jones family. Saturday night, UFC Light-heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones headlines UFC 152 in Toronto on Saturday September 22nd in Toronto. His two brothers play in the NFL [...]