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Monday Night Mediocrity: Bears vs Jets

Tonight’s game is kind of unique in the fact that you have two teams struggling to break out of the grips of mediocrity. The current record for each team is 1-1. The Chicago Bears were deemed [...]

Dons NFL Picks: Week 2

So week 1 of Don’s Picks did not get off to a booming start but with that being said I did go 9 – 7 which in the NFL, gets you a wildcard spot and chance [...]

NFL Season Kicks Off Tonight at 8:30 PM ET

Is anyone else excited for NFL football tonight? Tonight the NFL kicks off their season opener with a potential NFC Championship preview as the defending Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks face-off against the Green Bay Packers at home in [...]

NFL Week 9 Scores

What have we learned this week – If your defense is able to force 5 turnovers in a game, you’ll likely always win, ask the Chicago Bears . For the first time in long time, the [...]

Is Steven Jackson Leaving The St. Louis Rams

In many ways this story is very similar to the one James Harden. It starts with trade speculation, then the organization does their best to dispel the trade speculation and then all of a sudden the [...]