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Lebron James has no Love for Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers are beginning to look like the team that many of us thought they would as they’ve gone 13-1 over their last 14 games. Yet, despite their team finally moulding together on the court, [...]

TAILGATE TALK: Do the Toronto Raptors have the best fans in the NBA?

Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: Do the Toronto Raptors have the best fans in the NBA? The answer here is simple, YES! For those who may not have heard, a movement here in Canada [...]

Preview: 2014-2015 Toronto Raptors Season

Well, its that time of year again folks. Its Raptors season!!! So toss your already tear soaked Maple Leafs jerseys, next to your still beer soaked Blue Jays gear and pick back up your pride as [...]

Cleveland Cavaliers Intro Video should get fans HYPED!

The Cleveland Cavaliers are ready for the 2014-2015 NBA season. Lebron James is back and the city of Cleveland is feeling good. The Cavaliers have their prodigal son and they also picked up Kevin Love in [...]

Lebron James Hairline Key to Cavaliers Success

With the NBA around the corner, I thought it would be fun to discuss not only the return of Lebron James to his home of Ohio and his hairline that is going with him. The Ohio native from [...]

Is the Andrew Wiggins Hype Real? Is he the Canadian LeBron James?

A lot of attention has been around Andrew Wiggins for a few years now and many have compared him to the next coming of LeBron James. The hype seems a bit ridiculous to some, especially when you think [...]

Watch The Best Of LeBron James Pre-Game Dunks!

Here’s a neat clip of the BEST dunks during pre-game by LeBron James. It’s a shame when you see these that he doesn’t enter the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Part of me believes should a player [...]

Could LeBron James Return to the Cavaliers?

After achieving his goal and winning an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat in 2012, questions are already beginning to surface on the topic of where LeBron James will choose to play when his contract expires [...]

This is Why LeBron is the King (VIDEO)

LeBron James proves in this play why he is the King. Seemingly from nowhere, James blocks the shot of Wesley Matthews, gains possession of the ball and is able to run it down the floor for [...]

LeBron James Entering Slam Dunk Contest?

Every year since LeBron James entered the NBA fans have patiently (or impatiently) been waiting for him to make an appearance in the Slam Dunk Competition. As one of the most athletically talented and gifted athletes [...]