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He makes how much?! : Counting down MLB’s worst contracts.

Every October since 1994, playoff hungry Toronto baseball fans have had to sit back and reflect on the season that was and what moves can be made in the off-season to ensure October dominance for decades [...]

MLB Agrees to Eight Year, $5.6 Billion Deal with ESPN

ESPN and Major League Baseball have agreed to a deal that will see the MLB on ESPN for the next eight years. The deal is worth $5.6 billion which is almost doubling the $306 million that [...]

Giants Cancel Order for 20,00 Cabrera Shirts

The San Francisco Giants were able to cancel an order for 20,000 Melky Cabrera T-shirts just in time. Following his positive drug test and after receiving a 50-game suspension the Giants decided it would be wise [...]

Blue Jays Manager Ferrell says he has no plan to leave Toronto

A lot of speculation has swirled around the rumour mill about Toronto Blue Jays manager John Ferrell lately. With talks of many Boston Red Sox Players unhappy with current coach Bobby Valentine, should the position come [...]

MLB’s Bud Selig says NO to MLB Replay… For now? Do you agree?

Commissioner Bud Selig was asked his opinion on video replay for the game of baseball and he says he doesn’t think more video review of umpires’ calls is needed. In a season that has already seen [...]