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Toronto Represented Well at the 2014 NBA All Star Game

Drake will be proud to know that the Toronto Raptors will be well represented at the 2014 NBA All Star Game in New Orleans. With DeMar DeRozan being selected to his first  All Star game as an Eastern Conference Reserve (Voted [...]

Andrea Bargnani’s days as a Raptor are done…

It is clear that everyone else on the Toronto Raptors took offense to Andrea Bargnani’s comments about the team to Italian Reporters. Plain and simple Andrea Bargnani didn’t speak very highly of the team and it didn’t [...]

Personal Take: Injuries Are The Least of The Toronto Raptors Problems

I have to say for a person whom is not a Toronto Raptors, I find this team extremely facinating to follow but at the same time their decline comes as no surprise to me. This team [...]

New Year… Same Toronto Raptors?

Perhaps this come across as premature seeing that the Toronto Raptors have only played a grand total of 4 games. I will also admit that in all the game they have played thus far (in exception [...]

James Harden An Emerging Star In Rockets Debut

Perhaps the question that was going through people’s minds after the deal to trade James Harden to the Houston Rockets finalized was what type of player were they going to receive? Now that James Harden no [...]

Can Oklahoma City Keep James Harden?

Next to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, the most important player on the Oklahoma City Thunder team is James Harden . James contributions to the team were key to leading the Thunder to the NBA finals [...]

Top 10 UNDERPAID NBA Players: Who Makes The Cut?

Today we take a look at the Top 10 Underpaid NBA Players after yesterday we took a look at the Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players: Is Kobe Bryant OVERPAID?        Kobe Bryant is [...]

Blake Griffin Calls New NBA Flopping Rule a ‘Money Grab’

On Wednesday the NBA announced they will be fining players for repeatedly flopping. Blake Griffin, who has been caught with a few questionable flops in the past, expressed that he feels it is merely a way [...]

NBA Introduces ‘Flopping Fine System’

The NBA will now be fining their players for anything they consider to be a ‘flop’. A flop is defined as “any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call [...]

Phoenix Suns Channing Frye Out With Enlarged Heart

Phoenix Suns forward Channing Frye will unfortunately be out indefinitely after a physical revealed he has an enlarged heart. His enlarged heart was discovered by team cardiologist Dr. Tim Byrne during an echocardiogram. He discovered that [...]