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Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 11

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 11! Last week I went 10-3 and nearly went 12-1, if not for an upset in New York and a TERRIBLE call in New Orleans. So where [...]

NFC Playoff Predictions – Detroit Lions & Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Contenders?

As we stroll into week 11 of the 2014 season, I’ve decided to take a little glimpse into the future and make some Playoff Predictions in the NFL. I’ve decided to start with the most controversial [...]

Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10

Welcome to another edition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 10! So last weeks picks weren’t too bad as I went 9-4, missing slightly on 2 upsets and two lop sided victories. So where did I go wrong? [...]

Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 8

Welcome to another addition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 8! Last week was another successful run as I went 10-5. So, where did I go wrong? Well, I missed on a couple of upsets in St [...]

Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 7

Welcome to another addition of Don’s Weekly Pick’s: Week 7! Last week I went 10-4-1, taking my first tie of the season as neither the Bengals or the Panthers could pull out a win (disappointing). So [...]

Dons Weekly Picks: Week 4

Alright folks, welcome to another addition of Dons Picks! This past week was far more successful than the two weeks prior as I went 12-4, not too shabby. Yet, we have another week with many questionable [...]

Dons NFL Picks: Week 3

Welcome to another addition of Dons Picks! If you’ve been following my posts regularly you know its been a rough start to the season for me. The NFL has been a crap shoot so far this [...]

Adrian Peterson Deactivated Indefinitely

Bad news for fantasy football owners out there with Adrian Peterson on their roster, as you may have wasted your first round draft pick this year. Peterson who has been indicted for reckless or negligent injury [...]

Should Goodell Be Fired?

Roger Goodell assumed the position of NFL commissioner Sept 1 2006, taking over the spot previously held by Paul Tagliabue. Since taking over the position Goodell has seen his fair share of controversial moments, most recently [...]

Sean Payton Reinstated by NFL

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was reinstated on Tuesday from his season-long suspension for his participation in the team’s bounty program. The decision to reinstate Payton was made following a meeting between him and NFL [...]