: ' NHL Lockout'

NHL Ratings through the roof following lockout

The one hundred and thirteen day NHL lockout was threatening the entirety of an NHL season this year and the fans were not happy. Prior to the season opening and amidst all the chaos of the [...]

Toronto Maple Leafs Banned from Real Sports Bar During Lockout

The NHL lockout has affected thousands and thousands of people. It’s much bigger than a fight between owners and players. The revenues lost by businesses that depend on the NHL is unfathomable. Toronto Maple Leafs players [...]

15-Year Old Connor McDavid Signs Deal With Reebok

If you have not yet heard of Connor McDavid, start getting used to the name. The 15-year old Canadian hockey player is attracting big time attention while the NHL remains locked-out. McDavid is currently playing for [...]

NHL Player Joins Conan O’Brien for Hilarious Internship (VIDEO)

Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings forward Dustin Penner has found a way to keep himself busy during the NHL Lockout. Check out this hilarious video of him as he is an intern on the Conan O’Brien [...]

Meeting Ajourned: The Most Productive Day of the NHL Lockout Makes Noise

At this point of the NHL lockout its safe to say that day 81 has been the most productive day of the entire ordeal between the NHL and NHLPA. Today’s meeting was unique as for the [...]

NHL Denies NHLPA’s Request to Meet

There is only one day left before the league-imposed deadline of October 25th to maintain an 82-game schedule. Unfortunately, today we learned that the two sides can’t even agree to meet in order to accomplish the [...]

NHLPA Will Make Counter Offer Thursday Afternoon

The NHL Players’ Association confirmed they will be making a counter offer this afternoon with 18 players in attendance including Sidney Crosby, Eric Stall, Jarome Iginla and Jonathan Toews. The players union will be responding to [...]

KHL Sets Attendance Record thanks to Gary Bettman!

For years it seemed like a European invasion in the NHL with an abundance of talented European players through out the league. Yesterday Dynamo star Alexander Ovechkin took on Zdeno Chara in the KHL’s ESPN2 debut. [...]

Wayne Gretzky believes hockey will be back by Jan 1st – Watch the video

The Gretzky name is making headlines, and for once it isn’t about Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram (see related). In a recent interview hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said he believes hockey will be back by January 1st. He [...]

The Side Effects of the NHL Lockout

The NHL employs over 600 players on their active rosters; plus additional players who are contracted, but not active on any team rosters. The NHL lockout is causing more than just NHL employees to become unemployed. [...]