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Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: 2015 ProBowl Roster Announcement! Unfortunately, its that time of the year again where the season draws to an end and we’re left with the final excitement of the Playoffs and the ProBowl selection process where we get to criticize who made the list, who didn’t and who should have. So, without further ado here is your 2015 ProBowl Roster!

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ProBowl Roster

As always in every ProBowl selection, there is always the yearly snubs for players who should have been selected to the ProBowl but weren’t. The ProBowl is voted on by the fans and used to be voted on by a selection committee much like the Hall of Fame, so theres always room for debate as to who should be and who shouldn’t be voted in. So, who are the biggest three snubs of this years ProBowl Roster? Well, let me tell you!

3) DeAndre Levy: Detroit Lions (LB)

This may have something to do with me being a Lions fan but I find it an outrage that this man was passed over for the ProBowl. I mean look at his stats for the season, he’s third in the NFL with 140 tackles with 109 of those made solo, not to mention he has 6 pass deflections. Thats amazing! He’s also the heart and soul of that Lions defence and is major contributor as to why the Lions are in the top 5 for defence. I mean, I don’t even remember a time that we were a defensive powerhouse. The Lions have been predominantly known as an offensive minded team, even going back to the days of Barry Sanders and now with Calvin Johnson. I think this has much to do with the reason this man wasn’t selected.

DeAndre Levy Highlights

2) Justin Forsett: Baltimore Ravens (RB)

Wow, they missed on this guy because without Forsett the Ravens wouldn’t even have a winning record let alone be in contention for the playoffs. Baltimore has had much controversy over the running back position since the Ray Rice ordeal but Forsett has been a rock for this team as he’s pounded the rock for the 6th most rushing yards this season. His almost 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns are tops amongst the league putting him above Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster all of whom were chosen over him.  Forsett isn’t a household name which unfortunately sometimes has much to do when it comes down to the ProBowl voting.

Justin Forsett’s interview with USA Today

1) Emmanuel Sanders: Denver Broncos (WR)

I mean, this for me is the biggest snub for this years ProBowl selection. Sanders not only is in the top 10 of all receiving categories but has made some of the biggest plays this season in the NFL. It seems like every week I see this guy on the NFL Network in their highlight plays of the week. He’s a walking highlight machine! His numbers are ahead of Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, Julio Jones, TY Hilton and Dez Bryant, think about that for a minute … just saying! He has 95 catches (5th) for 1,331 yards (6th) and 9 touchdowns (6th), if those aren’t ProBowl numbers than I don’t know what is. I suspect he missed the selection due to his teammate Demaryius Thomas getting in and rightfully so but still a poor excuse to not vote someone in!

Emmanuel Sanders goes off for 3 touchdowns against the Chargers

Honorable Mention:

  • Drew Brees (QB): 432/621 – 69.6% – 4,671 yards – 32 touchdowns – 14 interceptions
  • Eddie Lacy (RB): 1,039 yards – 4.7 avg – 9 touchdowns
  • Golden Tate (WR): 96 catches – 1,286 yards – 4 touchdowns
  • Antonio Gates (TE): 65 catches – 754 yards – 12 touchdowns
  • Ryan Kerrigan (OLB): 62 tackles – 13.5 sacks

So those are my thoughts on this edition of TAILGATE TALK: 2015 NFL ProBowl Roster Announcement! Comment and click the LIKE button below with your thoughts on this years ProBowl Snubs or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #TAILGATETALK. I’ll see you at the Tailgate!


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