FOOTBALL — 22 December 2014

The easy answer here is simply, no. The problem though, is the answer is far more complicated than it seems and deserves more of an explanation. The Dallas Cowboys are a very good football team … offensively. The defence has played FAR beyond expectations this season but are slightly masked by the level of competition they’re facing. The Cowboys defence is ranked 17th in the NFL which is middle of the pack and to be fair they’ve beaten the following teams:

  • Tennessee Titans (2-13)
  • St Louis Rams (6-9)
  • New Orleans Saints (6-9)
  • Houston Texans (8-7)
  • New York Giants (6-9)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (3-12)
  • Chicago Bears (5-10)

Now , I realize they beat the Seahawks (I wasn’t leaving that out Lamar or Doug! lol) but again, to be fair, the Seahawks weren’t playing the way they are right now. They also beat the Eagles who played very well this season but also lost by a large margin to them at home, so thats a wash. Finally they blew out the up and down Indianapolis Colts who have been the definition of streaky this season. What do you think is going to happen when they play the Seahawks, Cardinals or Packers, let alone the Patriots, Broncos or Steelers in the playoffs?

Peyton Manning Rushes for a Touchdown against the Cowboys


The offence has been absolutely spectacular this season as Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray have had career years but Murray is once again hurt with a broken hand and will likely be ineffective much like he was against the Colts this Sunday. That means the playoff hopes will be squarely on the shoulders of Romo and we already know how that story turns out. He will likely put on a masterful performance that will be ultimately forgotten as he makes a minor mistake that the opposing team will capitalize on and Tony will be blamed, once again for the failure of the TEAM (its not fair but its how it will play out).

Terrell Owens defends his Quarterback


The Cowboys have the weapons to make it past the first round of the playoffs but I just can’t seriously bet on them going much farther than that. If anything, history has shown us that in order to win a Super Bowl, you need a championship defence. Thats how the Seahawks won last year, the Ravens in 2013, the Giants in 2012 & 2008, the Steelers for all six of the championships, etc. If the Cowboys can keep that offence together for the following season and make some moves to make that defence a legitimate threat for the following season than the Cowboys could be the team to beat next year … key word is COULD!

A throwback to the Triplets when the Cowboys were Super Bowl Champs


So, those are my thoughts on todays edition of TAILGATE TALK: Can the Dallas Cowboys win it all this season? Comment and like below or share you thoughts by Tweeting me @D_ScHramER34 with the #TAILGATETALK. In the meant time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy the tonights Monday Nighter. I’ll see you at the Tailgate!



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