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Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: Cardale Jones turns down the NFL. The Ohio State sensation who just won the National Championship for College Football, has decided not to declare for the 2015 NFL Draft. Now, I am typically not one to comment on someones decision to stay in College or go to the NFL but I think Cardale Jones is taking a BIG risk here. I mean, this guy wasn’t even the starting quarterback all season and was only put in due to injury. I realize that once he was in, he made some serious plays winning 3 of the biggest games in College Football but lets be honest here folks, he was the third string quarterback for Ohio State. His coaches aren’t even sure he’s going to be their guy going into next season.


Cardale Jones Ohio State Highlights



After winning the National Championship for Ohio State, Cardale Jones is going to have to go into next season having to compete for a starting job. Thats absolutely unheard of outside of Trent Dilfer in the NFL who had won the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens and was released by the team that off-season. Cardale Jones will have to compete with Braxton Miller and JT Barrett, both of whom also played pretty well for Ohio State. Braxton Miller has completed 58.6% of his passes for 5,292 yards with 52 touchdowns and just 17 interceptions through-out his career, not to mention is 28-8 as a starter. JT Barrett finished the season 5th in voting for the Heisman Trophy and completed 64.6% of his passes for 2,834 yards with 34 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions.


Braxton Miller Ohio State Highlights


So, Cardale Jones hands are going to be quite full this off-season as he competes with those two quarterbacks. I think Cardale Jones should strike while the irons hot though and enter the 2015 NFL Draft. This guy could not be hotter in the eyes of NFL scouts than he is right now. He could get big NFL dollars if he were to declare for the draft and would most likely be drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round, if not the 1st. Where as, if he is unable to win the starting quarterback job next season and sits on the bench, he might not even get drafted at all. So, the young quarterback is putting a lot of stock into this upcoming College Football season.

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