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The Chicago Bears are 5-9 and there is a lot of blame being placed unjustifiably on the quarterback, Jay Cutler. Now, a lot of the Cutler haters who are reading this right now are saying, “well he’s thrown 18 interceptions” or “a quarterback who has a salary that high needs to carry his team to a better record” or “He doesn’t even care about football, look at his body language” and to you I say, “your all full of it“. Those comments alone tell me you really don’t quite understand the game of football beyond who’s playing and the score. Let me drop a little knowledge on you folks, the Chicago Bears are 5-9 because the team is simply just not good!

The biggest problem with the Bears is the defence. I mean take a look at the final score friends. The Bears defence are giving up 29.2 points and 409 yards per game, both 1st and 2nd worst in the NFL in those categories. That means the offence has to consistently score 30 points every game just to tie essentially. I don’t know if your just too accustomed to playing Madden football on your playstation but scoring 30 points a game in the NFL is simply just not that easy. The Bears defence has only held their opponents to 20 or less points in only 5 games this season, let that marinate for a minute … have you put two and two together yet? or should I say five and five? For those who are confused, the Bears are 5-0 in those games (now you see what I did there? Yeah, I’m clever lol).

1985 Bears Linebackers Ranked #5 All-Time by NFL


Oh right, I forgot about his statistical flaw in his 18 interceptions. As a fellow quarterback (not on a pro level in anyway) but I can tell you that when your defence is bleeding points and you need to consistently play from behind, your essentially tossing the ball all over the place. The game plan is scrapped and the running game goes out the window. Don’t believe me? Check the stats, Matt Forte has only touched the ball 20 or more times in a game on 3 different occasions and has only had three 100 yard rushing games this season. Wonder why? Because the Bears are having to throw the ball in the second half to try and stay in the game or fight their way back into it. When your in those type of situations the quarterback tends to force the ball into spots they typically wouldn’t to try and make a play. Hence, the 18 interceptions.

Matt Forte Highlights


So, what about the good? Jay Cutler has completed 66.1% of his passes this year for 3640 yards and 28 touchdowns. I know what your thinking, how can he be completing 66.1% of his passes, he’s inaccurate because he’s thrown 18 interceptions. Maybe your starting to see what Im saying about forcing passes when playing behind in games. Jay Cutler is one of the top 15 quarterbacks in the NFL and despite the average fans thoughts of him as an inaccurate passer, he’s actually the opposite. The guys got a gun and can put the ball anywhere he wants, to steal a line from the movie Wedding Crashers, “I was All-State John, I can make it rain out here“. Not to mention the Bears have scored 38 total touchdowns, that means Cutler has put up 74% of Chicago’s touchdowns. Still think he’s the problem?

Jay Cutler Highlights


The truth is, the offence is good and if you give them a chance to incorporate Matt Forte and allow Cutler to play smart football than the Bears record would be far better than the one they currently have. Benching Cutler for Jimmy Clausen is a joke and if anything shows you that Chicago’s General Manager, Phil Emery, needs to be fired immediately. For you Bears fans who are about see the only good quarterback since Jim McMahon to play in Chicago be booted out of the city, I say good luck! Its going to be a rough, long road ahead because the Bears are going to lose in whatever trade they make to get rid of Cutler in the offseason and with that poor defence you are going to see your star running back and receivers go to waste much like the Houston Texans have. The good news is you have the Blackhawks to turn to in the mean time.

Those are my thoughts on this Jay Cutler edition of TAILGATE TALK. Comment below with your thoughts or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #TailgateTalk. In the mean time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy the drama that is Jay Cutler. I’ll see you at the Tailgate!


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