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Welcome to the first edition of TAILGATE TALK: Is Johnny Manziel the most exciting player in the NFL? Are we seriously talking about a player who has yet to start in the NFL? Absolutely! Johnny Manziel is easily the most talked about quarterback in the league and few players get the kind of excitement from fans such as “Johnny Football“. Even when he comes in for the odd play, fans go crazy. As many of you know, I go to many sporting events for Elite Sports Tours and when we went to Buffalo with 300+ fans to see the Browns vs Bills this past Sunday, even Bills fans were on their feet and cheering when Manziel was put into the game for Brian Hoyer and than lead the Browns to their only Touchdown of the game. Bills fans don’t simply just cheer for the other team! In fact, their fans often taunt and boo the opposing teams players. Ive even seen them burning other teams jerseys during tailgates in the parking lot of Ralph Wilson Stadium or as we at Elite Sports Tours call it, “The Ralph“. So for the BillsMafia to cheer as the opposing team scored, simply shows you the excitement this guys brings to the game.

Johnny Manziel Score First NFL Touchdown


This excitement is what has made Johnny the media hype machine he’s become, even since college. He plays the game different than any other quarterback in the history of the game. His game is a strange combination of the likes of Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Kenny Stabler and Brett Favre all rolled into one. He’s deadly accurate from a shorter frame with the pocket awareness of a Drew Brees. He can tuck the ball and run like Russell Wilson. He has the savvy and attitude of a Kenny Stabler and has the rare ability to just simply make a play out of nothing like Brett Favre. It definitely makes for one heck of a ride and sure is fun to watch! But this is why people are so intrigued with him, by all classic NFL logic this guy should be one of the worst quarterbacks and shouldn’t have even had a successful College career, yet he was arguably one of the greatest College quarterbacks in the history of the NCAA!

Johnny Manziel College Highlights


Now at the NFL level, even though he hasn’t even started an NFL game, he continues to be the talk of every sports broadcast as analysts discuss whether or not he should be starting over Brian Hoyer. In the preseason he completed 30/59 for 296 yards with 2 touchdowns and zero interceptions. He also rushed 12 times for 88 yards and 1 touchdown, not too shabby. Than in his limited time in the 4th quarter of this past Sundays game against the Bills, he completed 5/8 for 63 yards with 2 rushes for 13 yards and 1 touchdown. So the talk seems to be rightfully so and with Brian Hoyer struggling over the past 2 games throwing 5 interceptions and zero touchdowns, the fans are calling for the Browns first round draft pick! I say put him in, regardless of whether your still in the chase for a playoff spot, you need to give this kid a chance. Hoyer has been the epitome of mediocre and the Browns are in need of that spark on offence. At the very least, it will be a whole lot of fun to watch!

ESPN Discusses Manziel vs Hoyer For Starting Job


So thats the first edition of TAILGATE TALK: Is Johnny Manziel the most exciting player in the NFL? Those are my thoughts on the man that is Johnny ManzielJohnny Football“. Comment below with your thoughts or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #elitesportsblog! In the mean time, kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy the lead up to this weeks NFL action! Cheers!


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