FOOTBALL — 13 January 2015

Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: John Fox walks away from Denver Broncos. Thats right folks, after four seasons with the Denver Broncos, John Fox and John Elway mutually part ways. During his four seasons in Denver the Broncos went 46-18 with a Super Bowl appearance. The Broncos made four Playoff appearances, one of which included a Playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers with none other than Tim Tebow. Yes, I said Tim Tebow, who threw for over 300 yards that game as well … a miracle worker you could say (Pun intended!).

So why would the Denver Broncos not want him back and why would John Fox not want to comeback with Peyton Manning and a number of other offensive weapons? Well, as for John Fox apparently he and John Elway had a very candid and honest conversation about the direction of the team moving forward after the season and it was quite clear that two did not see eye to eye. What the specifics of that conversation were, I have no clue but John Fox clearly does not see himself as the man for the job.

Tim Tebows 4th quarter heroics


As for why the Denver Broncos wouldn’t want to bring John Fox back; Its real simple, he just didn’t win. Now, you maybe looking at his overall record and say that its pretty obvious that he did but when you have Peyton Manning and the offensive weapons that they have and your a defensive minded coach who can’t give the best offence in football a defence to help them out, well than you’ve failed. The Broncos have set several records offensively and even this year brought in a number of defensive players to bolster that unit and yet still had given up crucial points when it mattered most.

John Fox is one of the more respected coaches through-out the NFL but has had a history of getting out-coached in big games. He was out-coached last week against the Colts, in the Super Bowl last season against the Seattle Seahawks and even in his previous Super Bowl appearance as the coach of the Carolina Panthers against the New England Patriots. It just seems that when it matters most, his teams come up short. The past few seasons are a perfect example as John Fox is known primarily as a defensive minded coach and yet none of his defences were top 10 over the past 3 seasons. You have the highest scoring offence in league history and your defence is middle of the pack when its rarely on the field? Thats just inexcusable.

Denver Broncos Defensive Promo


You could honestly bring in any coach and have success with this team so I expect John Elway to bring in a coach with a history of winning in order to keep Peyton Manning from retiring, as without him, this job becomes much more difficult.

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