FOOTBALL — 23 December 2014

Welcome to another edition of TAILGATE TALK: Rex Grossman turns down the Clevelan Browns starting quarterback job! Just when it couldn’t get much worse for the Cleveland Browns, Rex Grossman of all people, turns down the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback job. Really? Can Rex Grossman really be that picky about his opportunities in the NFL? I mean, not to bash the guy but when was the last time this guy started an NFL game? Oh thats right, 2011 and than spent the next two seasons holding a clipboard and this last season at home as he couldn’t crack the Cleveland Browns squad, or anyones else’s for that matter. The former Chicago Bears quarterback who has become a journeyman signal caller is widely considered to have a lot of talent but just missing the intangibles it takes to be a consistent starter.

Rex Grossman can’t even warm up on the sideline without fumbling


This actually could be a great opportunity to show a few quarterback needy teams that he still has something to offer with the offseason fast approaching. To be fair, he did get the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl in which he was defeated by none other than the great Peyton Manning. Not to mention he does have a winning record which most quarterbacks holding a clipboard do not. It would be quite interesting to see what a guy with his kind of arm could do with a receiver like Josh Gordan. He could easily just toss it up 60 yards and let Gordan go get it, at the very least it would sure be interesting to watch. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see that as apparently Rex is hosting his family for Christmas this year so the 11 year pro is sitting this one out for eggnog and cookies, turning down the $60,000 league minimum for one week. If the Browns are that desperate I know a Canadian semi-pro quarterback who is more than willing to leave his family for christmas to take a shot at the NFL and $60,000 for one weeks work (cough cough this guy cough cough lol). Seriously though Cleveland, I am waiting on your call!

Just a sample of what you could get Cleveland … think about it! lol

(Catch: Houston Munroe, Receiver Block: Shaquille Lincoln, Running back: Eric Robinson, Offensive Line: Eric Shedden, Blake Civic and Bjorn Hanser, Off balanced ugly throw to avoid a sack: yours truly! haha)


So, what does this mean for the Browns? Well, they are more than likely going to start undrafted rookie, Connor Shaw as both Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel are out with injury. So, who is Connor Shaw? Shaw played his College ball for South Carolina from 2011-2013. The good news for the Browns is this guy is gamer as he won three Bowl Championships in College for the Gamecocks, the Capital One Bowl (2012,2014) and the Outback Bowl (2013). I wouldn’t expect too much from the Browns though as they play a Ravens squad who are looking to fight their way into the playoffs.

So those are my thoughts on this edition of TAILGATE TALK: Rex Grossman turns down the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback job! Comment below and click the like button with your thoughts on Rex’s decision to turn down $60,000 and a shot to showcase his skills one last time to the NFL for eggnog and cookies or Tweet me @D_ScHramER34 with the #TAILGATETALK and I’ll see you at the Tailgate!



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