FOOTBALL — 03 February 2014

For modern football fans the debate between Peyton Manning or Tom Brady has been going on and can be argued both ways. Last night was a very disappointing asterisk on the legacy of Peyton Manning. To think during the day most people where already writing off the Seattle Seahawks and asking Peyton if he would just walk away into the sun set after winning another Super Bowl Championship and cementing himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. With one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL, the Denver Broncos put up a mere 8 points against the best defence in the game. Peyton Manning threw a record 55 touchdown passes (passing Tom Brady’s record) and 5,477 yards during the season; while the Broncos scored a record 609 points.

Peyton Manning is clearly one of the best quarterbacks offensively and statistically, but being one of the greatest also means winning. Manning still trails Joe Montana (4), Terry Bradshaw (4), Troy Aikman (3) and Tom Brady (3) in Super Bowl victories. Despite his ability to see the game and play at a high level this late in his career he still lacks the same Super Bowl numbers that Tom Brady has. Tom Brady’s record is 10-4 vs Peyton Manning and 2-1 in AFC Championship games. Manning has a 10-11 career playoff record and one Super Bowl win in comparison to Brady’s 18-7 record and three Super Bowls.

It can be argued both ways that statistics dictate greatness but many great quarterbacks or players across other sports have been phenomenal players and never won the big show. I think Championships in most sports are won by the best “Team” not the best players (Ask the 2011 Miami Heat). If we are judging strait Championships then without a doubt Tom Brady is better, but we still have a few more years for this one to play out.

Peyton Manning leads Brady in endorsements: according to Forbes Peyton’s $12 million to Brady’s $7 million through June of last year.  Manning’s recent commercial appeal comes from the Papa John’s pizza commercials (Manning is an owner of 21 franchises in Denver). Tom Brady is known for his Uggs sponsorship.

Tom Brady leads in Movie/TV Roles with three: for the HBO show “Entourage,” “Family Guy,” and the 2003 movie “Stuck on You” starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. Although you can be the judge of the SNL appearances by Manning and decide who’s better:


Peyton Manning SNL skit

Tom Brady Funny Or Die Skit




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