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In celebration of the Detroit Tigers sweeping the New York Yankees, today we bring you the SEXIEST distractions in sports! This week Alex Rodriguez made headlines for an awesome play… off the field. What could be better than getting paid $30 Million to sit on the bench during the ALCS and throwing baseballs to bikini models in the stands asking for their phone number?

Here’s a completion of the sexiest distractions in sports. Feel free to tweet or ‘comment’ below and let us know what other sexy sports distractions we should add to the list!

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Many sports fans will recognize Jenn Sterger from Maxim or Playboy (how many guys are going to google right now?). Jenn Sterger was part of a group called the FSU Cowgirls. They wore skimpy clothes and cowgirl hats to college football games. Thanks to most camera men with wondering lenses, Jenn Sterger got her first big break when she was shown on national television during a 2005 Florida State–Miami football game. To add the to hilarity of the moment, the announcer commented that “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”

Jenn Sterger was the victim in the Brett Favre scandal, where she claimed someone she thought was Brett Favre was sending her sexually explicit pictures via text message and leaving sexually suggestive messages on her phone.

Jenn Sterger - Sexiest Sports Distractions 2Jenn Sterger - Sexiest Sports Distractions 1
Jenn Sterger – Deemed Too Hot to be around the players during the game!


During last seasons NHL Stanley Cup Finals the New Jersey Devils coach had his hands full. If playing on the road isn’t hard enough, Devils coach Pete Deboer had to deal with Taylor Stevens and well you’ll see.

Taylor Stevens - Sexiest Sports Distractions 2Taylor Stevens - Sexiest Sports Distractions 3

Canadian Taylor Stevens helps LA Kings defeat the Devils

This one has been said to be Photoshopped but has swirled the internet in what would be a distracting sign for any player.

Tyler Seguin - Sexiest Sports Distractions 1

Ines Sainz has been in the news several times as she dances along a line of professional attire and looking like a model. Ines Sainz is a very sexy TV Azteca reporter and the New York Jets got caught in the news for being distracted by her in the locker room and on the field. Even the coaches from the Jets during one practice drill went out of his way to have players catch passes near where Ines Sainz was standing. Inez Sainz went to her Twitter page that she felt “very uncomfortable” because of the actions of some Jets players and staff at a practice and in the locker room. I will let you decide if Inez Sainz would distract you and your team.

Ines Sainz - Sexiest Sports Distractions 2
Ines Sainz – One of the Sexiest Distractions in Sports

Here’s one for the ladies! It’s not so much sexy as it is hilarious! I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face while shooting a free throw. So much for No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service… This guys in full on Pirate mode.

Pirate Basketball Fan - Sexiest Sports Distractions 1

How about seeing a cutout of your ex-wife in the crowd? Eva Longoria is a distraction sitting court side or just as a cardboard cut out.

Eva Longoria - Sexiest Sports Distractions 1


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