BASKETBALL — 07 March 2014

The Toronto Raptors are going throw back for select Raptors home games. They will be bringing back their purple dinosaur jerseys for select home games to celebrate their 2014-15 (20th in the league) as an NBA franchise.

The Toronto Raptors put together a promo video releasing the new (old) jerseys for the 2014-2015 season. The Toronto Raptors showcase the history of such a young team and how basketball has made a dinosaur print on the Canadian landscape.

“We are excited to bring back a piece of team history as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration,” Raptors GM Masai Ujiri said in a team statement. “Our fans have shown affection for the original purple uniform and I think our players will enjoy the chance to wear them next season.”

Amir Johnson New Toronto Raptors Jersey

Toronto Raptors Amir Johnson showing off the 20th season jersey.

I think it doesn’t matter what jersey this team wears, it’s all about winning! Taking that Atlantic Division championship in 2013-2014 and making it back to the playoffs is exactly what this team needs to do. I am excited for the winning culture the Raptors are committed to brining to the table and going back to the roots of the Toronto Raptors with the Purple jerseys has a great feel.

Vince Carter and Tracey McGrady Toronto Raptors

 Vince Carter is a free agent next season and only receiving a small salary ($3.5 Million), he has been a valuable player to the Dallas Mavericks in past seasons. It would be interested to see if they look to bring back Vince in a veteran supporting role and see him retire a Raptor. It’s questionable how fans would feel, but it would make bringing the throw back jerseys that much sweeter if we could see VC throw down one of his viscous dunks in a purple uniform.



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