BASEBALL — 03 October 2012

The sports year of 2012 has been marred with stories of lockouts, disputes over competent officiating, and once celebrated athletes that have fallen into obscurity; it is almost appropriate that we could have at least one sports-related story that could make us feel good about sports again…. Enter the Miami Marlins. What happened yesterday, I believe had the ability to compensate for all the negativity that has occurred in the world of sports in 2012.

Let’s go back to 2002, a young Adam Greenberg was drafted by the Chicago Cubs and seemed to have all the attributes necessary to make it big. He made his debut on July 9, 2005 against the Florida Marlins, perhaps no one including Adam himself had no idea that this debut would be the beginning of a long, painful odyssey that would last over 7 years. The very first pitch was 92 mph that hit him square in the head; the impact was so evident, the Marlins catcher immediately removed his helmet to tend to Adam, who was visibly shaken from the impact of the fastball. As a result of impact, Adam Greenberg left the game with a mild concussion; eventually he was placed on the disabled list for the remainder of the year.

To say the least, Adam Greenberg was never the same; later he was diagnosed with having positional vertigo, which he stills suffers from till this day. From 2006-2011 he spent years on different teams in the Minor and Independent League, despite his performances, he was never given another chance to play in the majors. It had almost seemed that Adam Greenberg would never get the chance to play in the majors again… enter filmmaker Matt Liston and Gary Cohen. Despite all odds, Matt took the initiative, every initiative possible to resurrect Adam Greenberg’s career. He created a video, endorsements including Hall of Famer George Brett, a petition on, but everything he tried with the Chicago Cubs organization fell on deaf ears. However the Miami Marlins organization took note of Adam’s story and agreed to give Adam Greenberg the chance 7 years in the making.

I took the opportunity to view his at bat, and was completely humbled by the enormous amount of support he received; but most importantly the courage of Adam to comeback to the scene of where everything in his life changed. Though he did not manage to register a hit, Adam has become the model of what it means to ‘never quit’; many say it but do not believe it, Adam is a great example of saying and believing it. As to the unsung heroes Matt Liston and Gary Cohen, they are a prime example as to how people have the power to influence others and make a difference. The story of Adam Greenberg is hopefully the one that people will reference for years to come.

Take a look at his at bat opportunity against R.A. Dickey:


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