MMA — 21 January 2013

The Ultimate fighter switches over to Tuesday nights after many complained of the Friday night time slot. The Ultimate Fighter also switches back to a taped format vs the experiment with the “Live” fight feature. This season we get to see Chael Sonnen who talked his way into a title fight vs Jon Jones after losing to Anderson Silva at 185 lbs. At the end of the day his trash talking is what keep people interested even if you dislike the guy and his antics. I can imagine it will be a very exciting season full of hilarious comments. We will get to see if Chael Sonnen can get under Jon Jones skin and into his head. It will be interesting to see considering this past weekend Vitor Belfort said he should be fighting a rematch vs Jon Jones and “Not that Clown” referring to Chael Sonnen who Vitor believes isn’t worthy of a title shot just because he filmed the Ultimate Fighter.

If history is any indication and Chael Sonnen or Jon Jones gets injured leading up to the fight I think Vitor Belfort cemented himself as one who would gladly step in and fight either opponent. This season has been rumored to be full of some crazy highlights and a guy everyone is afraid of. This promo has Shaq introducing this season… I don’t think the guy who everyone is afraid of is Shaq… Unless he locks them in the cage, sits on them and forces them to watch Kazam. I personally am looking forward to this upcoming season just to see how Sonnen and Jones interact on the show. The stage is set and Sonnen enjoys the spotlight!

Tune into the Ultimate Fighter Tuesday at 11 PM on SportsNet or if you have FX Canada you can watch it at 9 PM. The 2 hour episode will feature 28 Middleweights who will fight in an elimination match (Win to get in) to leave 14 winners who will fight for the six-figure, three year contract to fight in the UFC. The Coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen are scheduled to fight April 27th at UFC 159 in Newark, NJ.



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