FOOTBALL — 19 December 2012

Apparently Tim Tebow has finally had enough of being snubbed by the New York Jets. Sources say that following Rex Ryan‘s decision to favor their third-string quarterback Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow that Tebow was fed-up and will be requesting a trade or a release next season.

Tim Tebow is owed $3 million for 2013 should he remain an overpriced mascot for the New York Jets.

His coach nor teammates appear to believe or support Tim Tebow. When criticized by his teammates earlier this season Tim Tebow said their criticism will “Make me stronger”

Some view Tebow as a symbol of the dysfunction in New York. Yet Tebow is still the most popular athlete in the sport according to several fan polls.

Rex Ryan commented on his decision to look to McElroy rather than Tebow and said:

You know what? It’s where we are right now, and I just think it’s best for our team and this game. That’s how I feel. I’m not going to get into all the particulars. Right now, I’m just more focused on what’s in front of us, not looking back in what’s behind us.”

You have to think fans are also disappointed. Tim Tebow created something special in Denver. “Tebowmania” is a term everyone, I’m sure is familiar with. At least if Ryan decided to play Tebow it would give them a reason to come to the game on Sunday.

Instead the fans will get to watch Greg McElroy suck instead of watch Tebow suck. At this point, with the Jets playoff chances gone after Ryan remained loyal to Mark Sanchez, which player would you rather watch lose? Which player will sell more seats in your stadium?

Although I’m not surprised with Ryan’s decision to continue to bench Tim Tebow, I do believe that playing Tebow could please the owners. Just a thought?



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