FOOTBALL — 02 October 2012

Monday Night Football was not a good night for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Romo threw for five interceptions for the second time in his career. Unfortunately for him, this time he didn’t manage to squeeze out a win.

The Cowboys got trampled on in their home stadium by the Chicago Bears, losing 34-18. The five interceptions thrown by Romo were not all necessarily his fault. His receivers, notably Dez Bryant, were also having an ‘off’ evening.


There were several occasions when Romo’s targets were in the wrong place. Twice he had to tell Bryant that he was going to continue to throw to him. Bryant appeared completely out of position when Romo threw the 25-yard interception return for a touchdown by cornerback Charles Tillman in the first quarter.

“Well, you have to get over it — it’s just going to suck for a few days now, obviously,” Romo said following the game. “It’s going to sit there in your stomach and just eat at you. In different situations out there where you’re trying to do too much and help out different areas, I think that it’s going to catch up to you at some point in the National Football League. I’m going to have to reassess a couple of things that are happening and make sure that they don’t happen again.”

“We caught the ones that were thrown to us,” Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher commented. “That’s a good thing. We got pressure when we needed to, and they quit trying to run the ball in the second half. So, our defensive linemen just pinned their ears back and went.”


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