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Today we take a look at the Top 10 Underpaid NBA Players after yesterday we took a look at the Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players: Is Kobe Bryant OVERPAID? 




Kobe Bryant is king driving his Ferrari in Los Angeles.

Based off of’s Top Jersey Sales of last season and this seasons Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players you would think there would be some correlation. But I guess popularity doesn’t always equate to performance or salaries. Here’s the list of players who sold the most jerseys but didn’t make the top 10 paid list.

Derrick Rose was the top selling jersey of last year, followed up by Jeremy Lin (See Related: Jeremy Lin Off Season) at number two. Kevin Durant sold the 8th most jerseys, Blake Griffin at 9 and Rajon Rondo at 10. Now a lot of these guys aren’t on the top ten paid list due to the salary cap structure.  However getting paid the big bucks doesn’t mean your underpaid. Let’s take a look at the top ten underpaid players in the NBA.

10. Jeff Teague – Atlanta Hawks
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $2.5 Million

Jeff Teague is a solid point guard who is playing about 33 minutes a game for the Atlanta Hawks. Teague is a first round draft pick selected 19th overall out of Wake Forest. His brother Marquis Teague won a National Championship along side 1st overall draft pick Anthony Davis at Kentucky this past year. Jeff Teague runs the point guard position for the hawks and put up 12.6 PPG, 4.9 Assists, 2.4 Rebounds. For $2.5 Million Jeff Teague is a steal on any team in the NBA.

9. Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $5.75 Million

Kyle Lowry will get a fresh new start in Toronto this season with a young squad, A lot of expectations are on Kyle and the Toronto Raptors to start turning this franchise around. Kyle is a player who can score points and break down a defense off the dribble. For a guy who puts up 14.3 PPG, 6.6 Assists, 4.6 Rebounds with 6 years experience he is an exceptional value for Toronto. Consider that Jose Calderon gets paid nearly twice as much and doesn’t have the same numbers.

8. Tim Duncan – San Antonio Spurs
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $9.6 Million

Tim Duncan is committed to putting a competitive team on the floor in San Antonio and clearly his salary reflects that. A future NBA Hall Of Famer , Tim Duncan getting paid $9.6 Million might be one of the best deal in the NBA. A Four Time NBA Champion, Two-time NBA MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP and Rookie of the Year getting paid less then Jose Calderon.

7. Serge Ibaka – Oklahoma City Thunder
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $2.2 Million

Serge Ibaka got a huge pay day this off season but he still has 1 year remaining on his contract. His extension will pay him 6 times what he will be playing for this season ($12 Million) compared to $2.2 Million. So although he is underpaid this upcoming season, the Oklahoma City Thunder have already taken care of the big man.

6. Iman Shumpert – New York Knicks
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $1.68 Million

Iman Shumpert exploded onto the scene in New York last season and became a huge fan favourite. Iman Shumpert was drafted in the 1st round, 17th over all in the 2011 NBA Draft out of Georgia Tech. Shumpert started 35 games last season and averaged 9.5 ppg, 2.8 Assists, 1.7 Steals and 3.2 rebounds. Not bad for a rookie who gets paid like an NBA Water Boy. (See Related: Iman Shumpert Dunks iPhone5)

5. Paul George – Indiana Pacers
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $2.5 Million

Paul George and the Indiana Pacers nearly had the Miami Heat in trouble during the playoffs last season. A lot in part to Paul George’s impressive play during the season. In his second season as a pro Paul George started all 66 games for the Indiana Pacers last season putting up an impressive 12.1 PPG, 2.4 Assists, 4.8 Rebound and 1.6 Steals per game. I can think of about two dozen players off the top of my head who get paid more then Paul George but don’t even produce or start.

4. LeBron James – Miami Heat
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $17.54 Million

LeBron James is arguably one of the best players in the game (See Related: Is LeBron better than Michael Jordan?). The fact that Chris Bosh makes the same amount of money should upset him. LeBron James should be making Kobe Bryant Money and there should be no doubt that the $17.54 Million the Miami Heat pay LeBron James is extremely less than the amount of money he brings through the door

3. Greg Monroe – Detroit Pistons
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $3.2 Million

Greg Monroe is a walking Double Double. You don’t find many double double players making $3.2 million in the NBA. With two years experience in the league Greg Monroe started all 66 games for the Detroit Pistons last season putting up 15.4 PPG, 9.7 RPG, 2.3 Assists, 1.3 Steals and 0.7 blocks a game. Give Greg a few more seasons in the league and this 250lbs Center from Georgetown will be an All Star for sure. If you don’t think this guy is worth the money, consider how much Hedo Turkoglu is getting paid.

2. Ray Allen – Boston Celtics Miami Heat
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $3.9 Million

Ray Allen left ship in Boston for what most assume was because of a rift between him and Rajon Rondo. It’s a shame guys like Kevin Garnett aren’t too happy with Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett told reporters at Celtics Media Day: ” I don’t have Ray’s number anymore.” I think Kevin might be mad that Ray Allen has another shot at winning a ring and he doesn’t. Either way at less money then Mike Miller, Ray Allen at $3.9 Million is a robbery. He will probably hit enough clutch 3-pt to earn his entire salary this season and hopefully some hardware.

1. Kyrie Irving –  Cleveland Cavaliers
2012-2013 NBA Salary: $5.5 Million

Kyrie Irving is a SUPER STAR and he deserves a lot more money then what he is currently seeing. The former #1 draft pick out of Duke started 51 games last season putting up an AMAZING 18.5 PPG, 5.4 Assists, 3.7 Rebounds and 1.1 steals a game. The Rookie of the year is well worth every penny and is one of the most exciting young players to watch in the NBA. If you haven’t watched the Kyrie Irving “Hustler of the Year” click the link below!



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