BASEBALL — 04 April 2013

Being a Toronto sports fan is one of the most up and down roller coaster rides that just never ends. It seems like when the city gets a small glimmer of hope the balloon soon deflates. The Toronto Raptors made a trade for Rudy Gay and expectations were heavily put on making the playoffs. Right now the Toronto Raptors are officially eliminated from the post season. The Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make much of a splash on trade deadline and fans have the same expectations after failing to make the playoffs since 03/04. The Toronto Maple Leafs MUST make the playoffs if they’re going to shake the pessimism surrounding the Make-Me-Laughs.

The biggest Toronto balloon to deflate is the Toronto Blue Jays and the “World Series” expectations after a series of trades and signings made the team relevant again. Two games into the regular season all the optimism and hope has gone out the window, water cooler talk has simmered and t-shirt sales are down. How different the reaction of Toronto Sports fans and Bandwagon hoppers alike, should the Blue Jays managed to have pulled out a win during the home opener on Tuesday. Clearly the expectations are high and the quick reaction of fans is a little bit ridiculous. With 160 games left, dropping 2 games at the start of the season is the smallest of things to worry about.

I don’t know if you blame the bandwagon fans in the city or the teams and players. I mean for years the city has been deprived of a real championship team and expectations have consistently been filled with feelings of disappointment. It’s a shame that the average or not so average sports fan will immediately lose faith in their team and commitment two games into the season. If you want a championship team, you need to have championship fans. It was embarrassing to see so many empty seats at last nights game. I just can’t help but think if the Blue Jays won the first game, tickets would have been sold out in game #2. Hopefully the Toronto Blue Jays can win tonight before John Farrell’s Boston Red Sox come to town Friday evening.

If the building isn’t packed Friday, Saturday and Sunday… The fans of Toronto should be ashamed. It’s very unlikely that the Jays would ever leave Toronto, but I know the fans of the Montreal Expo’s would tell you to support your team. Win or lose these guys are playing hard and need time to build chemistry and get comfortable. Relax and give these guys some slack, but don’t be so quick to throw them under the bus two games in.


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