BASEBALL — 27 December 2012

ESPN’s Paul Lukas has the inside scoop on the new baseball caps expected to be worn this upcoming season. Now don’t get too worked up as I know a lot of Toronto Blue Jays fans love the “new” “old” throwback hat the Jays brought back last season. The hats that we are showing you are the expected caps for Batting Practice. The hats are expected to be worn throughout spring training also.

I personally am not a fan of the new cap because it looks more like a hat for a kid in beavers or scouts then a blue jays baseball cap. Another great way to produce an expensively priced baseball cap for fans to buy. I am glad they are only wearing these for batting practice and spring training. The only “new” Blue Jays baseball cap I want to see is the ones saying “2013 World Series Champions”. Now that’s a hat I can fork out $40 for!

blue jays batting practice hat

blue jays batting practice hat

What do you think of the hat? Tweet at me and let me know your thoughts if you would buy this cap or just stick with the traditional one the Jays will be wearing for regular season.


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