HOCKEY — 17 December 2012

The NHL lockout has affected thousands and thousands of people. It’s much bigger than a fight between owners and players. The revenues lost by businesses that depend on the NHL is unfathomable.

Toronto Maple Leafs players are learning there are more disadvantages to the NHL lockout; such as a players being ‘locked-out’ from the popular restaurant, Real Sport Bar, across the street from the ACC.  The Leaf’s Joffery Lupul and friends were recently denied a table at the restaurant. Real Sports Bar is owned by the MLSE you see; therefore, the lockout has extended itself to everything the owners have, including their popular restaurant.

Real Sports is not allowed to take reservations from Leafs players during the lockout,” Lupul tweeted on Sunday, “but will continue selling our jerseys for $300 a pop.”

James Van Riemsdyk confirmed that it isn’t just something they have against Lupul, that no Leaf’s players are welcome to meal at Real Sports, “Same thing happened to me a month ago,” he tweeted in response to Lupul. Both players have since deleted their tweets.

Players including Joffrey Lupul felt welcome there during the 2012 MLSE Players Gala at Real Sports. Check that out below:




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