HOCKEY — 07 September 2012

ESPN released their annual ‘Ultimate Standing’ that has the Toronto Maple Leafs sitting in a place they’re familiar with in the standing, dead last. The Toronto Maple Leafs are the worst team in North American based on a recent article from

ESPN has been doing their “ultimate standings” since 2003. Each year they rank the teams from the the big four – NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB in teams. They make the rankings based out of 8 things from the best bang for your buck, coaches, fan relationships, ownership, affordability, players, stadium atmosphere, & title track).

You can view updated version of the ‘Ultimate Standings’ article, as of Thursday where the Leafs ranked at the bottom with extremely low rankings in affordability and bang for your buck. I’m sure if there was criteria for Stanley cups in the past decade or playoffs appearances it wouldn’t help their rankings either.

Amazingly they rank pretty high on the probability charts and the fans are the ones who suffer. The same victims of the pending lockout.

Toronto has not won a Stanley Cup since there were only six teams, back in 1967. Since the 2004-05 lockout ended, the Leafs are the only franchise who have not made a post-season appearance. If there is a lockout this season, Toronto Maple Leafs fans wont miss much, after all they have been used to missing the playoffs.

Here’s a parody video ‘Love to Hear the Boo’s”


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