MISC — 04 October 2012

Today we take a look at the TOP TWEETS of the week from our fans and followers.


This week Elite Sports Tours had another awesome group down in Buffalo as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots came to town.

[tweet https://twitter.com/TOsportsgirls/status/252824642769780737 align=’center’]


[tweet https://twitter.com/drewtheprinter/status/252487741214961664 align=’center’]


[tweet https://twitter.com/GodsKidBrother/status/253923083566592000 align=’center’]


[tweet https://twitter.com/tommy2chips/status/253853009245786113 align=’center’]


[tweet https://twitter.com/AliM_10/status/253629558664855552 align=’center’]


[tweet https://twitter.com/conidi19/status/251795815234936832 align=’center’]


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