HOCKEY — 23 January 2013

We all know how quickly a rumor can spread. These days with Twitter and Facebook and all the different sources of social media available a rumor can gain speed very quickly.

There was a discussion on The Fan 590 radio station with host Bob McCowan on Tuesday in which he discussed with former NHL player Nick Kypreos an unconfirmed rumor that Wayne Gretzky could be a candidate to be the next president of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The president positition has been left vacant following the firing of Brian Burke. Although Burke was replaced as GM of the team by Dave Nonis, the president position is still available.

On the Fan 590, they came to the general consensus that Gretzky was worthy to fill the role, then Twitter began to explode with excitement over the rumor.

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Sportnet’s Nick Kypreos confirms that there have been talks within MLSE walls about Gretzky as a candidate. He tweeted:

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Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs are itching to see their team experience some success. The Toronto Maple Leafs have some of the most passionate, loyal, dedicated fans the NHL has ever seen.

This past year, the Leafs became the very first hockey team to be valued at $1 billion by

This summer, Toronto sports fans have seen Rogers and the MLSE invest millions of dollars into building a roster for the Toronto Blue Jays that is now favoured to win the World Series.

Bringing in “the Great One” and just having him be a part of the Leafs would be a big step in the eyes of many fans out there. The Leafs need to keep up the positive talks and make an effort to make the media know they are trying.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Scattered “Frozen Jerseys” Across the City to boost the morale of Toronto fans and peak interest before the first game of the season. Something that realistically cost the league practically nothing; just 24 jerseys and the cost of them to be frozen and carved. For the positive publicity that stunt generated, the cost is nothing for the $1 billion franchise, maybe a few thousand dollars.

The point is, the Toronto Media  is already down on Toronto Maple Leafs and we’re only 2 games into the season, with the third  game tonight at 7:30pm ET against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If the Leafs want the media off their backs then they need to keep improving the morale of the organization. Bringing in Gretzky would make a lot of Leafs fans very happy. Toronto is probably the most scrutinized team in the NHL, often players don’t want to come to Toronto because they can’t handle the negativity in the spotlight. Having someone like Gretzky could attract more people to want to come to Toronto.

Would bringing in someone big like Wayne Gretzky as team president be the beginning of a new attitude in Toronto? What do you think the Toronto Maple Leafs need to address to not be so highly scrutinized? Tell me what you think on Twitter @EliteGirlJen


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