FOOTBALL — 20 September 2012

I can still remember that day fondly, January 4th 2006, watching the Rose Bowl with my brothers in the basement, watching what I still believe today, the greatest individual performance by any athlete in any sport. After Vince Young scored the winning touchdown, I was convinced that this man was not only going to be a Hall of Fame player in the NFL, but perhaps one of the best athletes this world had ever seen. Even former NFL hall of fame Safety and USC great Ronnie Lott was convinced he had seen the best College Quarterback ever. Leading to the draft there was so much anticipation surrounding him, people such as myself we convinced that Vince Young was going to replicate all of his athletic feats with the Tennessee Titans ; plus with Michael Vick out of the picture, Vince could not have come at a better time. This was truly a man that had the world at the palm of his hand, which begs the question, where did it all go wrong?

His rookie year was a successful if one were to reevaluate it; he passed for 2199 yards, rushed for over 552 which is excellent for a rookie Quarterback. He made enough mind-blowing plays not only to be named to the Pro Bowl, he was placed on the cover of Madden 08; this is where it gets interesting.

After his injury against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he the Titans replaced him with Kerry Collins; the problem for Vince Young was that Kerry Collins was good enough to be kept as the starter, relegating Vince Young to the backup role. That year the Titans’ record was 13 – 3, so from the organization’s perspective, there was no reason to make any changes. From this point, we begin to know a little bit more about Vince Young away from the game;

  • September 2008: In September Vince Young leaves his home without notifying anyone. There was speculation that he had taken his own life after the game against Jacksonville where he threw and interception. He was found four hours later unharmed but still hurting emotionally.
  • December 2008: Vince Young files a lawsuit against former Major League Baseball player Enos Cabell and two other players for trademark infringement of this “Invinceable” nickname and initial.
  • July 2010: Vince Young is involved in an altercation at a Strip club in which he punched employee Creiton Kinchen. As a result he is given a Class C assault citation and he is later sued by Creiton. Any doubts of this incident is erased when video of the incident goes viral, showing Vince Young assaulting Creiton.

Which bring us to the present day for Vince Young, which unfortunately had not gotten any better. After being released by the Buffalo Bills on August 27th , Vince Young has made it known that he is destitute financially; perhaps the question that everyone is wondering is how did Vince Young go through $26 Million dollars? Currently at this time there is speculation that the foundation of his currently financial state is linked to the mishandling of his former agent Major Adams, and Vince’s former financial planner being Ronnie Peoples; a lawsuit was filled for both parties back in June. But perhaps rather than point the finger at other people, this can also be linked to the $1.9 million loan Vince Young took in 2006; what perhaps Vince Young did not tell anyone was the loan came at 20% interest, with over $612,000 in interest paid up front.
Will everything said, the only person that can truly answer the question “What Happened to Vince Young?” is Vince Young himself. Though Vince is not the only person that is guilty of being the author of their own demise, there seems to be an epidemic of young athletes that live lavishly and carefree, not knowing that every decision one makes, can be beneficial or detrimental in long run. The best thing any aspiring athlete can do is listen to Vince Young’s story, and learn all things you should NOT do.

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