FOOTBALL — 10 September 2014

Tony Romo is always atop the pile of NFL discussions. Some love him, some hate him but every NFL fan has their opinion on the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. The haters will always be quick to point out his late 4th quarter interceptions or his playoff fumble against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC wild card game in 2007.

The fans who love him will point out his lack of a supporting cast or the fact that he is always in a shoot out due to a poor defence and inconsistent coaching. The debate is constant, vast and on every sports cast where NFL analysts debate this very topic daily.

I personally sit on the “love him side” of this debate. Tony Romo is far better quarterback than people give him credit for. His defence has been notoriously bad and the coaching has been average at best. The Cowboys defence has ranked in the bottom half of most statistical categories over the past few years including last seasons 32nd placing. Head Coach, Jason Garrett has finished 8-8 almost every season hes coached for the team, a far cry from coaching greats, Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry all of which won Super bowls with the team.

His stats are unworldly and he always keeps the Cowboys contending for a win in every game. He consistently throws for 4000+ yards and 30-40 touchdowns a year. His offensive line has been suspect and his top running back, DeMarco Murray has been injury prone since coming into the league. Until the rise of Dez Bryant, tight end Jason Witten was their best receiving threat and the Cowboys never really had a true number reciever.

How do you completely blame the guy for late 4th quarter interceptions when so many times he’s put on late 4th quarter heroics. if not for Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys would be 0-16 instead of 8-8. Year in and year out, his ability to scramble out of the pocket to avoid a sack and get the ball down field is the sole purpose the offence is amongst the leagues best every season.

So to the Romo haters and the Cowboys fans who gripe, be so lucky that you have such a good quarterback behind center instead of the like of Chad Henne, Jake Locker, Geno Smith or even the latest version of Eli Manning. It could be worse, much worse. You’ll miss him when hes gone!

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