MMA — 02 September 2012

After UFC President Dana White had to cancel the first UFC event in its history, it would have been assumed that it would take some big for Dana to redeem himself and make him smile again. Early Friday morning on Twitter, the usually opinionated Dana White posted a short and unusual tweet, which invoked intrigue from his followers including myself;


This tweet seemed very unusual as it generally not Dana White‘s style to use emoticons. Much speculation came from those that viewed that tweet, myself I assumed that he was successfully able to put together the Superfight of the Century, Anderson Silva vs GSP. Even famous Anchor & reporter for FUEL TV Karyn Bryant couldn’t resist to ask why all of a sudden he was so happy;



Not long after Dana posted such an unusual tweet, it was found that he was able to put together a big main event fight for the UFC Featherweight Championship belt at UFC 153 in Rio De Janeiro Brazil between current UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo and former Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, who is coming off a hard fought split decision loss to Ben “Smooth” Henderson at UFC 150. Before this fight was put together, there were already rumor circulating that Frankie Edgar was going to drop to the Featherweight decision following his loss; well his decision couldn’t have come at the right time. As it was reported, Jose Aldo’s original opponent Erik Koch was injured during training; as a result the main event for UFC 153 was compromised. Frankie Edgar contacted Dana White and agreed to take that fight to the delight of Dana White seen in this tweet;



Perhaps this occurrence again exposes an ongoing problem with training injuries affecting the status of major UFC events. For now Dana while is happy to know that the main event for UFC 153 Rio De Janeiro just got better than it was before; perhaps we should all “love” Frankie Edgar a little bit more.


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