BASKETBALL — 17 April 2012

During the press conference which officially announced him as the New Orleans Hornets owner, Tom Benson said he would like to change the name of the team to something that “means New Orleans and Louisiana.”

The notion to change the name is apparently gaining steam within the city of New Orleans.

Charlotte has not commented on the possibility of a name change. But that hasn’t stopped fans from talking about it. At Monday’s home game against New Orleans there were almost as many Hornets jerseys in the crowd as Bobcats. Charlotte Bobcats fans seem intrigued at the possibility that they could see the Hornet’s name return. It would apparently cost Bobcats owner Michael Jordan approximately $2.5 million dollars to acquire the Hornets name, should it become available.

Is the name worth $2.5 million dollars to Jordan? Charlotte Bobcats fans seem to think that the name change would definitely increase ticket sales and it is safe to say that merchandise sales alone would likely cover the investment. Should the team name become available, expect the Charlotte Bobcats to strongly consider making the name change.




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